Monday, 26 September 2011

Could it be?

Long time no post! After coming back to 2nd year, I've recently [finally] been coming up with some animation ideas. Spending a lot of time doodling in the studio has been pretty fun, especially as I'm out of practice for pretty much anything except furries. On that note, here's a cartoon animal you've probably never heard of: a Kinkajou. Google it.
So yes, during my usual ride on the 99B this morning, I was struck by an idea for a cartoon. Story idea? Tara? I know right. It's crazy. I won't spoil just yet, but it does involve this kinkajou, a linsang, and a binturong.

Sailing on a crate.

In a post-apocalyptic imagination purgatory.

I'd watch it.


  1. This idea sounds... surreal :D but enticing! Look forward to hearing more! Kinkajou is what my Dad used to call Pikachu to wind up my brothers. He still calls it that to this day.

    Love the style you've got going on with the pic too. She's almost got a Winnie the Pooh thing about her. Like it :) more blogging nao! :D x

  2. aw man! I used the same opening line in my most recent blog post... :/

    also, weyy for ideas ;)