Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Warm-Up Doodles 29-5-12

A bunch of practise doodles I felt like sharing. I do a few like this each day before I start working on commissions, just mainly to keep my sanity.

Just wanted to show off my Swag Gator ^^;

Sunday, 6 May 2012

We Baba Zingela Siyo

My OCs, Tazara (hyena) and Lumaria (genet) in TLK Diznay style... 'cos I couldn't post this anywhere as its not really original enough to call my own art... but still. This is an example of what I'm in danger of drawing when I have too much free time and not enough work!

"Nice predator...wouldn't hurt a teeny little genet! Right?"

Background was borrowed from an animation backgrounds blog, obviously if I intended to finish this I'd draw my own. But for the sake of fake authenticity, I prefer the Lion King layout :P All credit for the background image goes to the respective artist. Hyena style was referenced from the movie, genet was created on my own. This was just for fun!